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Recently graduated and looking out for career opportunities in IT? Great! Let me guide you with highly demanding jobs in IT. If you are the one who has no or little interest in coding and want a job in IT, this two fields are made for you. Okay Okay! Let me not create more suspense, here are those career opportunities for you:

1. Digital Marketing:

Growth of India’s digital world is too surprising and interesting. The growth has lead to plenty of opportunities in online Marketing / Digital Marketing. There is almost 9142.5% increase in number of internet users from 2000-2017. Plenty of businesses have been registered online and this online business challenges are digital marketers strength.

You might be very new to digital marketing so let me explain you what digital marketers do. Here is what digital marketers do:

1. Solidify the survival of online business by targeting right audience using right platforms like Social Medias, Google Sites, Email Marketing and much more

2. Auditing the audience performance on Digital channels and improve the strategies to enhance the online business.

Growing online market place has lead brands to be loyal to customers. Increasing number of Internet users will require a business to have digital marketers and attract targeted and potential customers towards their business.

Therefore, Digital Marketing as career in IT is very promising in future.

2. Software Testing:

Increase in online business leads to increase in web and mobile apps development which in turn will need software testers to check the quality of the product/service. Many of them think software testing is a low profile job and thus do not opt for the same. But its wrong software testing is the most challenging and promising job in 2018. Let me give you an overview of software tester. They test all kinds of software, systems and applications to ensure they’re bug-free and run smoothly for the end user. They could test websites, mobile apps, enterprise software, and just about anything that runs on code. Though QA analysts usually know some coding skills, they don’t typically correct technical issues themselves. They document problems and errors, which are then passed on to a development team to resolve.

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