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WordPress Development Course :

This course gives an overview of what WordPress is and how people use it to make and manage websites. We start with an overview of the different ways websites are made and show how content management software, like WordPress, is often the best approach for making a website. We demonstrate what WordPress looks like on the front and back-end and show how WordPress plugins and themes can let you easily extend and customize a WordPress site.

In this course, we explain the pros and cons of setting up WordPress locally on your computer and show you how to do so using the popular free software, desktop server. The course will also cover how people are able to view, add and edit content on your site. If you work with WordPress, especially on sites with more than one user it’s important that you understand how these different user roles work By the end of this course you can jump-start your career with WordPress framework.

The Web Design Certificate is designed for students, working adults, artists, and designers interested in exploring the expanding field of web design. The full course sequence provides the foundational skills required for those wishing to build website portfolios for personal and professional applications. Students with previous web design experience will also find current topics and new approaches to update their web design practices.

Course Objectives

How to install and configure WordPress The features and functionality of WordPress Troubleshooting techniques How to manage your blog Much more

Course Outline

1 – Foundations of a WordPress-based website

Understanding and Using domain names
WordPress Hosting Options
Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server
Understanding Directory Permissions

2 – Basics of the WordPress User Interface

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
Core WordPress Settings

3 – Finding and Using WordPress Plugins

Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
Upgrading WordPress Plugins
Recommended WordPress Plugins

4 – Working with WordPress Themes

Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
Installing and Configuring Themes
Editing and Customizing Themes
Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
Theme Best Practices


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