Digital MarketingJanuary 3,2018

Highly Demanding Careers in IT without Coding

Recently graduated and looking out for career opportunities in IT? Great! Let me guide you with highly demanding jobs in IT. If you are the one who has no or little interest in coding and want a job in IT, this two fields are made for you. Okay Okay! Let me not create more suspense, […]

Digital MarketingDecember 28,2017

Digital Marketing – Growing Career Opportunity in IT

Not interested in Programing Languages, but still want a career in IT? No worries, you all have a new upcoming and promising career opportunity in IT “Digital Marketing”. Now you might be wondering what is Digital Marketing, let me explain you. Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on […]

Information technologyOctober 13,2017

Why Do Students Fail in Getting First IT Job?

Still sitting at home after your graduation? Wondering why this happened with you? I can definitely understand your pain. I am here to guide you with what activities you perform that drive you towards this nightmare and how to overcome them. 1. Unclear Purpose: One of the main reasons is the Unclear Purpose. The unclear […]